DDJ Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services

Safe Access Solutions for

  • High Rise, Mid Rise and Low Rise
  • Atrium Glass and Difficult Reaches
  • Industrial and Construction Sites
  • Skylights, Vaulted Glass, Solar Panels and LED Score Boards

Schedule Solutions for

  • New Construction Window Cleaning
  • Schools and Universities
  • Medical Buildings and Hospitals
  • Sports and Concert Facilities and Arenas
  • Commercial and Office Buildings
  • Government Buildings and Private Institutions
  • Store Fronts and Shopping Centers
  • Homes

Technical Proficiency in

  • Safely working around furnishings
  • Access Equipment and Rigging
  • Low-e Windows and Tempered Glass
  • Thermal Pains and Glazed Windows
  • Hard Water Stains and Old Glass
  • Safe Handling of Finishes and Furnishings.

Some Valued Customers Include

  • The City of Eugene
  • The University of Oregon
  • Oregon State University
  • The 5th Street Public Market

Please call for a free consultation and estimate or to schedule any future projects.

(541) 988-5999.

Why Window Cleaning and Power Washing Is In Demand

Clean windows reflect on the entire profile of a building, establishment or home.

Soiled, cobwebbed, dusty window frames on the exterior detract from a building front's impression. 

From the interior, windows prominently feature their clarity or lack thereof.  No view looks its best through dirty glass back lit by the sun.  Windows have a multiplier effect on the building's impression.

Power washing increases property value. Safely removing soil, mold pollution and debris to reveal the best face of a building. Similarly for the surrounding walks, drives and concrete work.

Moss growing on concrete walks, stairs and drives can trap water and ice, reduce friction and pose a slip danger when wet. The benefit of removing moss can last for seasons.

Studies have shown that without general maintenance, repair costs increase.

How Is Your Building or Home's Maintenance  Profile?

We will gladly talk shop, answer questions, supply references or give a free consultation and estimate.  No sales pitch at DDJ!  Please call

(541) 988-5999.

We Are Ready!

DDJ gladly accepts customers on-call.  Customers may also request maintenance scheduling or registration on a courtesy call list.

Concise contracts and flexible scheduling are available for ongoing maintenance based on customer requirements and budget lines. DDJ's summer season staffing is ready to respond to the high Summer/Autumn demand.

DDJ Window Cleaning is staffed to handle jobs large and small.

DDJ staff members tend to stay long term, becoming valued staff members and bringing a range of skills and abilities to the job.

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